Humming for Health is a scent free environment. Please avoid wearing scented products (perfumes, lotions, body wash, hair products, etc).  Thank you for your cooperation.

What to Bring

Please bring a list of all medications you are taking including any supplements and vitamins.

What to Expect

​Allow 1.5 hours for your initial consultation which involves taking a  health questionnaire (includes past medical challenges, surgeries, injuries and/or fractures). Following the initial treatment, a plan will be recommended based on the client's needs and assessment.

The client remains fully clothed during sessions and treatments may combine any of the energy based modalities, or focus on one specific treatment modality depending on the client's preference and unique treatment plan. The subsequent visit(s) are approximately 1 hour.  


​Cash, personal cheque or Interact E-transfers are accepted. An insurance receipt will be issued for reimbursement as most health insurance plans cover Naturotherapy.  



​Cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice for an appointment change or cancellation, otherwise the time booked will be billed accordingly.​

Office Hours

My office hours are flexible, although day time appointments are preferred. Evening appointments, hospital and home visits are available upon request. Please visit SERVICES for a complete listing. Please call or email for an appointment.